Our Team

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Dewi Kauw


Master Tutor

  • Founder of Skin Dewi and Soul Dewi

  • Bachelor Degree of Chemical Engineering, University of Washington

  • Advanced Diploma of Natural Skin Care Formulation, Formula Botanica, UK

  • Graduated from School of Natural Skincare

  • Essential Oils For Skin, Robert Tisserand Institute

  • Natural Perfumery and  Natural Skin Care, Grasse Institute of Perfumery, France

"Don't live a life of "coulda" and "shoulda". Fear should not be the wall between you and living a fulfilled life. Live more. Do more. Give more."

Felicia Maukar

Managing Director

Senior Tutor

  • Co-Founder and Director of Soul Dewi

  • Master Degree of Developmental Psychology, University of Indonesia

  • Diploma of Natural Skin Care Formulation, Formula Botanica, UK

  • Founder of the former TATTVIKA Natural Skincare  

  • Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, UK

  • Aromatherapy Certified, The Center Of Aromatherapy Research and Education, US

  • Coach Certified, Vanaya Institute

  • Leadership Consultant/Trainer

  • School Psychologist

"Life is never a dull if you pursue your growth."

Stella Christanti

Associate Tutor

  • Associate Consultant/Tutor of Soul Dewi

  • Bachelor of Art in Visual Communication Design, Petra Christian University

  • Founder of Skin | byStella

  • International Organic Skincare Entrepreneur Program, Formula Botanica, UK

  • Lipid Decoded, Susan Parker

  • Fundamental Chemistry in Essential Oil, Tisserant Insititute

  • Essential Oil For Healthy Skin, Tisserand Institute

  • Essential Oil Kinetics Masterclass, From Application to Effect, Tisserand Institute

"Grow through what you go through."